NYPD’s #myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires spectacularly

Well, that escalated quickly.

What was intended as a feel-good PR campaign morphed into something else entirely when the NYPD called on Twitter users to post photos of themselves posing with their friendly local police officers.

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Aaron Paul just liked this picture on Instagram. Goodbye.

Valar Morghulis

"Every day, even though kids often don’t show it, they enter our nation’s classrooms full of hope. Hope that they’ll do better, hope that they’ll be liked, hope that they’ll both stand out and fit in, hope that no one will discover what hurts at home, hope that someone will discover what hurts at home, and underneath it all—the swagger of the senior and the defiance of the eighth grader and the can’t sit still hopping up and down waving my hand for the teacher to call on me second grader—is the hope that my teacher will like me. It only takes one to whisper hope in an ear. One teacher. One gentle reminder that what you can’t do, you simply can’t do yet."

Teachers: Our Nation’s Hope Whisperers | Kylene Beers (via apsies)

Kylene Beers is actually fairly active in her Notice and Note group on Facebook—she’ll answer questions about the signposts and encouraging reading and all of that. She posted a link to this blog post this morning and said she was thinking about the 1733 members of the group as she wrote it.

She gets it. She still talks to teachers and keeps us in her heart. 

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